Education, Equality and Active Citizenship
Through Sports

Sports Development Aid (SDA) is a Tanzanian Civil Society Organization supporting youth through Education and Sports in Tanzania. Our inclusive Sports for All methodology promotes Human Rights and Equality regardless of gender, age or disability. We carry out various development projects aiming to increase the quality of Physical and Health Education, and to enhance equal opportunities for education, which is fundamental to Human Rights and essential for development. We want to build a future generation of self-confident, educated and physically active citizens in Tanzania. 

Empowered Girls Speak Out PROJECT

Girls’ empowerment through health and life skills education and sports in Mtwara Region, South-East Tanzania.

our work

Hundreds of adolescent girls and boys learn essential health, life and leadership skills in sportive “Action Clubs” in secondary schools in Mtwara, Southern Tanzania. The Action Clubs have proven to be an effective way to decrease truancy and pregnancies among students in the schools and develop their self-confidence and self-expression.

Besides schools, Sports Development Aid works also with communities to secure disadvantaged students’ equal participation to school and to the society. Sport events is our method to distribute information about various health and social issues such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, family planning and gender equality in rural communities. 

Cooperation with traditional “Unyago” initiation ritual leaders plays a major role in developing healthy and strong girls who recognise the importance of education, thus Unyago has been updated to support girls’ education rather than early marriages.

Education support project provides secondary school graduates from disadvantaged circumstances with higher secondary school studies, enabling them to continue pursuing their dreams and break the cycle of poverty.