Who We Are



Sports Development Aid (SDA) was established in 2002 to tackle children’s poor school performance and lack of physical education in primary and secondary schools in Mtwara, South-East Tanzania. SDA is working in close collaboration with educational institutions, school authorities and the local government in implementing sports and education projects under an international “Sports for All” concept in Mtwara, Lindi and Singida Regions. SDA highlights the use of sports as a tool for development.

Sports Development Aid aims to increase the awareness of the importance of basic education among children and youth and works toward the goal of all boys and girls having the possibility to complete a full course of both primary and secondary education. Our development goals are to promote equality, human rights and active citizenship, and sports is the tool to achieve those goals – Development through Sports. By embedding physical education and sports within the school curriculum, we improve students’ school attendance, academic performance and mental and physical health



Strong morale and values are the foundation for success 



Mtwara region in
south-east tanzania

Sports Development Aid’s main office is located in Shangani area in Mtwara Town, with a population around 80,000. It’s the centre of Mtwara Region in South-Eastern Tanzania, approximately 600 kilometres south of Dar es Salaam.

LINDI Region in south-east tanzania

Lindi is located at the far end of Lindi Bay, by the Indian Ocean in South-Eastern Tanzania. Lindi Town is located 450 kilometres south of Dar es Salaam and 105 kilometres north of Mtwara. Lindi region is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country, the population in Lindi town is around 42,000.

singida region in north west tanzania

Singida Town is the regional centre of Singida District in the heart of Tanzania and the population is approximately 150,000. 


Thea Swai

Executive Director

What kind of sports do you like? 

My favourite sports are floorball, netball and athletics. 

Why do you think sport is important? 

In my view sport and physical education attracts children to school. It also activates them and increases their academic performance. Sport is a great teaching method, because everyone loves it so much! In my own work, I use sport to teach young girls how to cooperate, take care of their health, know their rights and speak for themselves.

Ramson Lucas

marketing manager

What kind of sports do you like? 

My favourite sports are football, handball, floorball and volleyball. 

Why do you think sport is important? 

Sport is valuable because it can build peace among people. It also promotes better health, encourages social interaction and creates new friendships. 

Ludger Limu

M&e officer

What kind of sports do you like? 

I like football, the gym and athletics. 

Why do you think sport is important? 

Sport is a way to increase peoples and our nation’s health. Sport is also enjoyable, fun and social! All of these encourage fair play, harmony and peace within society. 

Jackline Mpunjo

project coordinator

What kind of sports do you like? 

I like netball and football. 

Why do you think sport is important? 

Sport improves one’s health and encourages students to not drop out of school. Sport also unites people from different backgrounds.